scholarships for students

we try to make our symposion as affordable as possible and therefore have not increased our prices for many years. nevertheless, we are aware that even 250 euro is still a lot of money if you don't have it.

this is why this time we offer the possibility for students to apply for scholarships for half or the full symposion price.

if you want, you can buy as many half tickets for students as you like as a sponsor contribution for this scholarship here.

students can apply for scholarships here. as long as money is available, scholarships will be awarded!

become a sponsor

if you would like to contribute to the scholarship fund, please enter how many half tickets (125 euro each) you would like to sponsor.

of course we will list all sponsors of the student scholarship – also with your logo if you like.

if you have any further questions, please contact us at

form for sponsors

i would like to contribute * x 125 euro (half a student ticket each) for the tga symposion at raabs castle in august 2022.

name *

billing address *

phone (for further inquiries)*

email *


apply for scholarship

we would like to point out that we can only award scholarships as long as corresponding sponsor funds are available.

additional bookings and accomodation have to be paid by yourself, but we are glad to help you with questions about accomodation possibilities and we still have cheap accommodation available in drosendorf. please mark the form accordingly if you are interested!

if you have any further questions, please contact us at

you can apply for your scholarship here:

application form

yes, i am currently a student and would like to apply for a scholarship for the tga symposion at raabs castle in august 2022:

scholarship for *
 half-price ticket for students     125,–

 full scholarship for students     0,–
please tell us why you would like to be a part of this event in the »comments«!

catering *

 i will participate in the bookbinding workshop

 i would like to be put on the waiting list for the workshop »japanese calligraphy«
this workshop is currently fully booked. there is a waiting list.
the workshops will take place at the same time, it is not possible to attend both of them

 i want to camp on the grounds – camping bus
(camping in tents on the castle grounds is already fully booked!) please add respective infos under »comments«

 i would like to be accommodated at drosendorf castle
please add respective infos under »comments«

name on the ticket *

billing address *

phone *

email *



the scholarships for students were initiated at the suggestion of friedrich forssman. other supporters so far:
alain wohlfarth / richtungspfeil, typejockeys, wolfgang homola, florian köck / d-licious